AXET : Digital Pitstop for Industrial Rental Bids

An online B2B digital platform for 3rd party rentals of Plant & Machinery Exclusively for Manufacturing & Construction service industry

Product Features

AXET provides a dynamic B2B marketplace platform, which facilitates the provision of "Commercial Bids" to its registered "Clients" seeking short term rentals for industrial equipment & specialized services from "Professional Suppliers" whose are also assessed and pre-registered and participates in a dynamic "BEST" price discovery competitive bidding process.

Zeetius – Happy clients & accomplishments

Included BAI to client list by signing 1year contract for executing 20 tournaments during 2019

Signed contract with BAI for Automation work & Live Scoring

Implemented Zeetius for KBSA Tournaments since March 2018

Executed 10+ national level ranking tournaments in 2019 for BAI

Successfully executed 16,600+ matches scheduled using Zeetius

More than 40,000+ players registrations in Zeetius

350+ Technical Officials registered in Zeetius

6600+ Hours of play time recorded in Zeetius

Our Work

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