Finance & Accounts

Finance & Accounts (ACC)

Platform that provides streamlined finance & accounts management, automatic foreign exchange, real time reporting.

Product Features

Better organizational transparency through faster, consistent cum streamlined finance & accounts management

Configuration of multiple Taxes like VAT, GST etc.

Automatic foreign exchange conversion, based on predefined or live rates

Central storage of all financial audit reports which can be accessed by role-based security controls

Real time insight into overall fiscal performance of the enterprise

Reduced time for audit planning, reconciliation, preparation of balance sheets, payment voucher etc.

Accelerated accuracy & accessibility of vital financial data

Smart – Happy clients & accomplishments

Included BAI to client list by signing 1year contract for executing 20 tournaments during 2019

Signed contract with BAI for Automation work & Live Scoring

Implemented SMART for KBSA Tournaments since March 2018

Executed 10+ national level ranking tournaments in 2019 for BAI

Successfully executed 16,600+ matches scheduled using SMART

More than 40,000+ players registrations in SMART

350+ Technical Officials registered in SMART

6600+ Hours of play time recorded in SMART

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